About Us

Just An Inch Entertainment was birthed out of a near tragedy that was cut short by "Just An Inch". Owner Amber A. Harris was shot in the face at the age of nine years old, and she remembers hearing the doctor tell her mother, "If it had been "an inch" lower she would've bled to death." Hence the name Just An Inch Entertainment that's been providing clients with star service since 2008.

Our Mission

We provide outstanding professional consulting services and distinguished instruction to our clients, including, but not limited to artist development, management, image elevation, public and media relations, marketing and branding, along with advanced career guidance and direction. We strive to cultivate the highest possible level of client achievement through passionate, inspirational and innovative contributions to every project in which we take part.

What We Do

Just An Inch Entertainment has now expanded to Film & TV, with the creation of Short Film/Feature Films and Web Series. Other services now provided are Directing, On-set Sound Mixing, Production Design, Costuming and Camera Operator.

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